What is the deadline to apply for a WLC course?

The deadline varies and is independently set by the Regional Centres according to their administrative and institutional policies. Please contact the appropriate Regional Centre to determine application deadlines.


How do I apply?

Applications must be submitted to the Regional Centre most appropriate for your current arrangement (e.g. physical location, permanent address, etc.). Please note that UNU-INWEH does not handle applications and is not responsible for forwarding applications to the Regional Centres. If you have any general inquiries on applying, please contact us. Should you have specific questions, please contact the appropriate Regional Centre.


What are the general application requirements?

General application requirements can be found on the requirements page. If you are unsure on whether or not you have the necessary perquisites or require clarification, please contact us.


I am located in North America and would like to take a course. What are my options?

We currently do not have a Regional Centre in North America and recommend you consider CATHALAC (Panama) as that is the most reasonable choice if you reside in North America. Should we decide to establish a North American Regional Centre, we will announce this on the Water Learning Centre website.