Water Security

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United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH) has partnered with CATHALAC to develop a knowledge based, online training course on water security. The Global Water Security course is being developed as a response to the growing need to understand the complexities of water security issues outlined in UN-Water’s Analytical Brief: Water Security & the Global Water Agenda (2013). As water security becomes a mainstream concept it will be increasingly important to educate water-related professionals and public servants with information and activities that can be used to achieve water security.


The Global Water Security course will provide a general and international approach to the ongoing issue of water security, with an overarching goal of educating professionals on the processes and
conditions needed for safe, secure, sustainable and sufficient water for community development.


Using UN-Water’s conceptual framework on water security as a basis, we have structured our course to include eight thematic modules, and an introduction and conclusion module. The course will be 25 hours in length and presented in an online format.


For inquiries regarding the course, please contact:

Dr. Nidhi Nagabhatla

United Nations University Institute for Water,
Environment and Health
204-175 Longwood Rd., Hamilton, Ontario, L8P 0A1, Canada
Tel.: +1-905-667-5511
Email: nidhi.nagabhatla@unu.edu