What fellowships are offered for WLC?

We recognize that for a number of prospective students, the costs associated with the course (course fee, travel, computer equipment, etc.) can be a barrier towards their participation. In order to assist those students, the Water Learning Centre (WLC) will offer a limited number of fellowships available to qualified candidates of developing countries on a competitive basis. Fellowships are only available to students undertaking a WLC course through one of the Regional Centers (RCs) towards the attainment of the United Nations University Diploma/Certificate.


What is the fellowship purpose & criteria?

The intent of the fellowships is to enable students to enroll in theĀ United Nations University Diploma/Certificate Program and to develop understanding and skills in the respective course they choose to undertake. The number of scholarships at each Regional Centre will vary from year to year and will be announced by UNU-INWEH when applications are being accepted each year.

The WLC fellowship may be awarded for expenses such as those listed below:

Travel arrangements
  • International travel – International air travel (economy class) between the country of origin and Regional Centers as appropriate to the Programme option will be arranged by the Regional Centers. The fellowship fund can be used to reimburse international travel.
  • Visa expenses – It is the responsibility of students to obtain (or determine if they require) a visa for entry into the country of the Regional Centre in which they are accepted. Regional Centers can issue a letter to assist the students and the fellowship fund can be used to reimburse visa fees.
Residential arrangements
  • All Regional Centres will assist students in obtaining accommodation. The fellowship fund can be used to reimburse accommodations. No financial provisions, logistical assistance or housing facilities will be made available for family members of the participants.
Tuition Fees
  • Eligible students will be able to obtain partial or full coverage of tuition fees based on need and merit.


How are fellowship recipients selected?

1. Applicants will apply for available fellowships at the same time that they make application to the Programme at a Regional Centre.

2. Regional Centers will screen the applications for admission into the program and also recommend applicants for the fellowship.

3. The candidates names will then be sent to UNU-INWEH for consideration of fellowship funds with the following documentation:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Educational credentials
  • Statement of need for training in IWRM and need for scholarship
  • Regional Center explanation on why the candidate is recommended for the fellowship

If you have any questions or require clarifications on fellowships, please contact us.