Regional Centres


What is a Regional Centre?

The curriculum is disseminated through a global network of WLC Regional Centres (RCs) that act as “classrooms” for administering the courses in the respective regions. The RCs serve as teaching and resource centres for the program in addition to fulfilling the function as examination centres.  Where possible, live course presentations are provided to the students, especially for the first (introductory) and final (laboratory-style, tutorial) courses.

The courses are administered and coordinated by local personnel at the RC, who have been previously trained in the course materials and are also serving as the main point of contact to students of that RC via email or online conferencing to address their questions or concerns.


Where are the WLC Regional Centres?

Below are the Regional Centres that are part of the Water Learning Centre:

1. Arabian Gulf University, Al-Manāmah, Bahrain (supported by Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development)

2. Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand

3. CATHALAC, Clayton, Panama (courses also offered in Spanish)

4. University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya (supported by AGFUND)


What are the requirements to become a Regional Centre?

The host institutions (i.e. Regional Centres) for the Water Learning Centre Regional Centres are selected on the basis of several desirable attributes for effectiveness.  These include: academic expertise for teaching and mentoring in the relevant disciplines; availability of instructional and tutorial space; information technology (IT) capability, including servers, internet connectivity, and technical support; administrative, financial and quality management capacities; and institutional commitment and reputation.


My institute/organization is interested in being a part of the Water Learning Centre. Can I contact UNU-INWEH?

We welcome individuals or representatives of organizations and institutions who meet the above requirements to contact us to discuss potential opportunities for partnering with the Water Learning Centre to expand the Programme to under serviced regions of the world.


Who funds the Regional Centres and their operation as part of the Water Learning Centre?

The Regional Centres (RCs) are responsible for obtaining the requisite funding to become part of the Water Learning Centre. UNU-INWEH may be able to provide provisional support, for instance, in connecting the RCs with various UN-affiliated and non-UN affiliated organizations to assist in obtaining funding, fellowships, grants, etc.


Are applicants allowed to select any of the Regional Centres listed?

Generally, there is no restriction in selecting the Regional Centre; however, we strongly recommend that applicants choose a Regional Centre that best fits their situation and the region in which they are located.