Who should apply to WLC?

The Water Learning Centre will be of greatest immediate benefit to engineers, district managers, government administrators and others responsible for water management at the national and regional level who wish to upgrade their knowledge of modern water management concepts and principles. Other individuals may take the course as part of a self-directed learning experience. This diploma is aimed at the professional staff of various government spheres, hydroelectric companies, related to the supply and sanitation services, members of local organizations, water resources promoters, and personnel interested in the opportunities and knowledge of best water management practices.


Application Requirements

Generally, we expect individuals to meet the following criteria:

  • Possess a post-secondary (undergraduate or college) degree in a related discipline (e.g. water resources management, natural/environmental sciences, hydrology/hydrogeology, etc) respective to the course being considered.
  • Have a moderate amount of work experience (e.g. 1 – 3 years) in their respective sector.

Please note: Some Regional Centres may require you to provide the following documents with your application: a) Your resume; b) A Copy of bachelor’s degree or equivalent; c) A letter stating your reasons for applying to the program and what you expect to accomplish by the end of it; d) A letter of consent from your employer to take the course.


Do I require previous experience in computers?

We recommend that the participant has some basic computer knowledge as well as access to Internet.


Will I receive a qualification once I complete the course?

Students that have successfully completed the 10 courses of the program and the local project will be awarded a UNU Diploma in Integrated Water Resource Management.